Chinese language classes in Indore, Chinese coaching classes institute Indore

Want to learn the Chinese language? Then join Foreign forest institute-No.1 institute for Chinese classes Indore. We provide Chinese language courses to Indian students as well as businessmen. Our curriculum is devised by Chinese people keeping in mind the updated and the most effective teaching methodologies as we believe in keeping ourselves updated.

chinese language classes in Indore
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Our motto is to help you achieve the Chinese language skills that will not only embellish your experience in China but will reward you as an asset throughout life.


There are many constraining reasons to learn the Chinese language. Many people simply enjoying learning foreign languages. Chinese is particularly compelling because of its beautiful handwriting, poetic phrasing, and melodic spoken language. Chinese is the number one spoken language all over the world.

Learning Chinese is fun, interesting, and easy. The words of the Chinese language are artistically formed. Chinese culture is one of the earliest cultures in the world.

When it comes to the matter of grammatical complexity, Chinese is one of the simplest languages to learn. It treats tenses in a very simplistic way. It does not feature complex constructs like cases and genders.

chinese language classes in Indore

Nowadays, China’s economy is booming. Over the last 35 years, China has mold itself from an impoverished the third world country.

China has the biggest population in the world. So, learning the Chinese language gives you access to communicate with bountiful peoples and connect on a deeper level.

Due to the lack of people in the Western business who can speak both English and Chinese language fluently, there is a huge demand for these skills.


HSK is an acronym for Hanyu (Chinese) Shuiping (level) Kaoshi (Test). The HSK literally means Chinese level test or Mandarin level test. It is a proficiency test started by Koryo Kikin and the China International Education Association in China in 1984. The test measures your proficiency in the Chinese language through listening, reading, and writing skills.

HSK tests are held across the globe on a regular basis. Candidates who qualify the test are awarded the admissible level of Chinese Proficiency Certificate. There are certain levels of HSK-

HSK level-1- This is the basic level of HSK. In this level, students can recognize and use some fundamental characters. The students can understand and say some simple phrases.

HSK level-2- Students can apply the Chinese language in day-to-day situations.

HSK level-3- Student can easily communicate when traveling to China. He/she can complete day-to-day tasks in everyday life, at schools and at work.

HSK level-4- Students can speak on a broad range of topics in Chinese language and can communicate with native speakers.

HSK level-5- After completing this level, students can read Chinese newspapers, books, watch Chinese movies, make long presentations using the Chinese language.

HSK level-6- This is the final level of this test. After qualifying this, the student can easily understand any type of information in Chinese. Also, they can express themselves freely in both oral and written form.


Foreign forest is the best institute for learning Chinese language Indore. Our main objective is to prepare our students for HSK so we focus on all the four skills of language learning- listening, reading, writing, and speaking. The skilled knowledge of the Chinese language broadens the scope of the employment opportunities for the students.

You are surprised to know that Mark Zuckerberg is also learning Chinese. The ability to speak this language gives you an incomparable benefit in the competitive global marketplace. It gives the ability to enhance your career scope by working or traveling abroad. You can also work as an interpreter or translator after learning the Chinese language.

There are profitable job opportunities in the BPO and KPO sectors where a lot of Chinese occupancies is helping to turn the Indian economy around. Chinese skills are very rare so you will find it much easier to get employed in any Chinese MNC’s or Indian companies dealing precisely with the Chinese counterparts.

Some career opportunities after learning Chinese language classes Indore are-

  • Chinese language teacher/trainer
  • Career as a Chinese interpreter
  • Chinese translator
  • Tour guide and employability in the tourism industry
  • Multimedia director/professional
  • Content writer in Mandarin

Through learning Chinese, you can transform yourself into highly valuable, unique, intelligent, and eventually, you will also set yourself apart from the rest.