About Us

Foreign forest, as axiomatic as its name is a premier foreign language institute in Indore. We are established in the year 2009 to provide foreign language and English as a second language (ESL) training. What makes us different is the fact that we offer foreign language courses in all the key foreign languages. However, today we are more than a language institute. Foreign forest Indore is a community of professional language trainers who believe in an active, communicative, and student-centered teaching strategy. Our courses are designed to encourage you to make your own sentences and are not just about stuffing our material. Our distinctive courses I more than 20 foreign languages have been designed as high-intensity language training programs to meet the requirements of national, international, and local learners.

The foreign forest is a premier destination for foreign language courses and personality development. We have collaborations with Education and Cultural ministries of more than 8 countries for Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, English, Arabic, Dutch, and Persian. Our programs are well-designed to meet the needs of learners. We believe in interactive learning. It helps the student to stay interested and enthusiastic throughout the course.

Whether you are looking for the best foreign language courses, spoken English courses, personality development courses, or even professional trainers in foreign languages for corporate needs, we have you covered. Since our inception, we have received a tremendous response from our learners for almost all courses. In a decade-long journey, we have added around 100+ foreign language courses, and we will never stop our endeavor from adding more.


Our vision is to establish a foreign forest as the first choice globally, among people of all ages, wanting to learn foreign languages. We take pride in establishing a global presence within 2012 as per our vision. Our aim is to create an inclusive community acquainted with linguistic and cultural diversity, unhindered in its efforts of propagating useful and meaningful communication.


Our mission is to provide a world-class learning experience to all our trainees, in terms of inputs, faculty, and ambiance. We ensure that our students are succeeding in their objectives, both at work and in life. We aim to strengthen our knowledge of world languages. We are committed to high-quality language training and related services to our aspirants and corporate clients. In pursuance of the mission, all faculties and staff at foreign forests are committed to adhering to the mission statement.

  • Maintain high standards of performance and achievement
  • Promoting global communication
  • Using modern teaching methodologies to fit the needs of students
  • Improving programs of study
  • Providing an interactive and comfortable learning environment


We believe that the teacher should consider the student’s needs. Motivation and attitude play a very important role in learning a foreign language. We provide collaborative and communicative activities in which students can construct their learning. With a student-centered approach, students can develop their language skills through interaction with other students in a content-based environment. We engage each student in a learning process by playing as a facilitator of knowledge. Our goal is to make a pool of foreign language resources and be the part of skill India initiative.


  • Focused inputs in every class
  • Relevant reference material
  • Engaging faculty and pedagogy
  • Bright and invigorating ambiance
  • Assure learning embedded through practical assignments